How To Choose Timber Flooring Installers In Sydney

How To Choose Timber Flooring Installers In Sydney

Many people love the look of beautiful hardwood floors. They are a fantastic alternative to carpet and tiles and work very well in Australian homes. But how do you go about choosing timber flooring installers in Sydney? Investing in hardwood can be very expensive so it’s important to find timber flooring installers in Sydney that you can trust and who will do a quality job of putting your new floors in. Asking the right questions and knowing what to look for can help to ensure that you don’t run into any problems with your timber flooring installers in Sydney.

Unsure what kind of things you should be on the lookout for? Read our tips below and find out some of the questions you should speak to your chosen installing company before you proceed.


What flooring should I get?

There are a lot of different kinds of wood flooring available on the market and the type you choose is down to a number of factors like where you live, what your personal preferences are, and what your budget it. Some types of wood are rarer than others and will command a higher price, or they will need to be imported in which can add to the cost? It can seem daunting trying to choose a timber, but that’s where your professional install team can offer advice and expertise they will be able to tell you all about the different kinds of wood, like oak, walnut, maple, and more, and explain exactly why certain kinds will work in your home and why others won’t.


Can you provide an estimate?

Getting an accurate quote is the best way to figure out what fits into your budget so ask potential timber floor installers in Sydney about whether or not they can visit your home and provide an estimate of their costs for installing new wood floors into your home.


Check insurance and certifications

Timber floor installers in Sydney

One of the most important things that you need to check before hiring someone is that they are properly certified and have the right insurances in place. Uncertified companies will not be properly covered by insurance and will not be able to cover you properly under warranty. For your protection make sure the people you plan to hire are properly trained and have the right experience and professional certifications to perform high-quality work. If you’re unsure ask to see up-to-date documentation and if you think a deal looks too good to be true then trust your gut.


Check references and reviews

Happy customers are the best sign that a company delivers quality work and customer service. Positive reviews and clients who are willing to vouch for the company shows that they deliver good work. If they have lots of customer complaints and cannot provide any happy testimonials, then it’s a clear indicator that you should steer clear.


Check the costs involved

Before you decide to buy your new wood floors you should look into all the costs that are involved. Beyond just purchasing the new wood you may also need to pay for insulation, the cost to install and certain tools and equipment.


Check how long it will take

Some providers may be very busy with different jobs and might take a long time to get to you. Before you decide to hire someone make sure you get an idea of timing, especially if you’re pulling up your old floors yourself and might be walking around on a concrete slab for a while! Get a gauge of how long you’ll be waiting.

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